Are you getting your workplace or home remodeled? If yes, we bet you can not wait for the builders to move out and invite your friends and family. But before you do that, one primary task to check off your list is post construction cleaning. 

It is a specialized cleaning service for new and remodeled buildings. Your builders might clean out the surface dust and debris while moving out, but commercial construction cleaning covers everything from top to bottom.   

However, there are a few things you should be aware of before undertaking the process. This post construction cleaning guide will answer all your queries regarding the process. 

Why is Post-Construction Cleaning Important? 

During construction, dust and debris can accumulate on the surface. This debris and dust contain potentially dangerous substances and allergens that, if not cleaned at their earliest, can result in accidents, slips, falls, and even respiratory diseases. 

Besides, a thorough post construction cleaning also adds to the aesthetic value of your property. It amplifies the remodeled surface and makes it look more visually appealing, which is excellent if you are looking to rent your property. 

Lastly, by having routine post construction cleanups, you can ensure that the windows and flooring stay fresh and polished. 

Post Construction Cleaning Phases 

Now that we have gone through what post construction cleaning is and its importance, let’s look over its process, which is divided into 3 phases. 

1. Rough Clean 

This is the first cleanup stage, mainly consisting of surface cleaning, e.g., washing away the leftover concrete and other building materials. The cleaners will go through the building, ensuring the flooring is set in place and removing any labels from the windows and fixtures. Lastly, the entire area is vacuumed to remove any surface dust. 

2. Light Clean 

The second phase is the most labor and equipment-intensive, thoroughly cleaning high-traffic areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. These areas might appear to be a small part of the building but have strict sanitation requirements. Toilets, sinks, windows, cabinets, and counters are deeply cleansed, and any found debris and waste are discarded to prevent any blockage in the future. 

3. Final Clean 

After the second phase, most of your property is cleaned and cleared; thus, the last stage is about the final touches. The cleaners review the property one last time, removing any fingerprints, flaws, or marks left by the construction workers. They wipe the surfaces to eradicate any leftover dust, and voila! Your home or workplace is ready to be moved into. 

Why Should You Hire a Professional Post-Construction Cleaning Company?

When it comes to post construction cleaning, a lot of property owners are hesitant to hire a professional service. While it’s an excellent choice to save money and break a sweat by yourself, there are several reasons why calling the expert might be the best choice for you. 

1. Safety 

Post construction cleaning experts are well aware of the risks of the process. From respiratory diseases that could result from construction dust to tiny glass shards that might have assembled on flooring, experts know what hazards to look for and what protective gear to wear to avoid injuries. 

2. Skill Set

Cleaning is an easy task. Mopping and vacuuming? Well, that’s a breeze. Anyone can do it? Right.  However, no one does it like the workers trained under professional supervision to deal with stubborn stains. 

They are familiar with different cleaning methods a typical individual might not know about. They know everything from the best way to clean construction dust and how to take those stubborn paint splatters off the window frame. 

3. Equipment 

Post construction cleaning is an equipment-intensive process, and your regular vacuum cleaner probably won’t be enough to deal with all those piles of debris and dust, especially if you are cleaning the whole house or multiple rooms. 

Unless you are willing to empty your pockets on renting professional equipment, it’s best to outsource the job to a pro who knows how to use intricate cleaning tools and can get more work done in less time. 

4. Budget

Some people are reluctant to hire professional experts because of the money. However, hiring a professional cleaning company is a much more affordable option if we compare the cost to the cost of cleaning materials and tools, equipment rental, and trash disposal. 

Secondly, while cleaning on your own, there won’t be anyone to clean up any blunders that might happen along the way, whereas with professionals, everything is handled well, and the output is flawless and far more effective. 

Which Areas To Pay Special Attention During Your Post-Construction Cleaning? 

You have finally decided to undertake post construction cleaning. The equipment and gear are ready. All there’s left to do is get the vacuum cleaner running, but before that, you need to know which areas require the most consideration during the cleaning and why. 

1. Bathroom 

The bathrooms are a small area of the property, but maintaining their sanitation requirements is tough, and they will likely get dirty quickly. Thus ensure all the walls and floor is vacuumed and appropriately mopped, and all surfaces, such as the toilet seat and countertop, are disinfected. 

2. Kitchen 

Regardless of the property size, your kitchen requires the most attention when it comes to cleaning, as ignoring its sanitation requirements could lead to severe diseases. 

3. High-traffic rooms 

High-traffic rooms are those places where multiple people pass through during the day, such as hallways and stairs. These areas are likely to deteriorate and get dirty faster than other areas. 

Enjoy Robust Post Construction Cleaning With Mill City Cleaning Company! 

While post construction is a long and complicated process, you must take it. You can pull off a successful post construction cleaning session with the right equipment and following the correct safety measures.

If you have another renovation project going around your property and are worried about the messy outcome and how you will deal with it, then hiring a trustworthy home cleaning service such as Mill City Cleaning Services is your best bet. 

Here are some of the qualities that make us the best choice for your upcoming post construction cleaning project: 

  • Twenty years of offering flawless cleaning services.
  • Avant-garde equipment to get the job done in less time. 
  • Experienced team of workers familiar with different commercial cleaning solutions. 

So what are you waiting for? Contact us today, and let’s get cleaning! 

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