According to the CDC (Centre for Disease Control and Prevention), over 3,000 US people die yearly from food borne illness. Thus, to keep things in balance, commercial kitchen cleaning is crucial. Otherwise, FSA (Food Standards Agency) can seriously act against your local food authority. 

However, maintaining a clean, hygienic commercial kitchen is not child’s play. A list of cleaning products and restaurant cleaning procedures needs your attention. Follow up for an ultimate guide below!

Which Kitchen Parts and Appliances Need Deep Cleaning?

Before we delve into the effective strategies of commercial kitchen cleaning, it is important to learn which portions need a thorough cleanup. For proper maintenance and a balanced kitchen cleaning, you should know the hidden surfaces and major appliances used in your restaurant daily. The list of day-to-day use equipment includes:

  • Fryers
  • Ovens
  • Burners
  • Grills
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Ice machines
  • Coffee makers
  • Water boilers

Ensure to sanitize these appliances well before presenting an order. Besides this, here are some significant restaurant areas or kitchen parts that need commercial kitchen cleaning:

1. Hard Surfaces and Counterparts  

Your kitchen counterparts are the favorite places for bacterial cells. They love to grow on hard and tile surfaces. Therefore, you need a regular cleanup to scrub off these harmful bacterial content and sanitize your restaurant.

2. Exhaust Vents and Hoods

Ventilation units are highly affected by grease and grime as they are responsible for maintaining proper airflow in your kitchen space. Remember to descale the exhaust and hoods once a month, especially if you’re running a fast food restaurant. 

3. Kitchen Sinks

Sinks, washing stations, and draining boards must be filtered out carefully for a smooth and steady water supply. Improper cleaning can block the water pipelines and cause drains that are often not visible to the naked eye. Hence, clearing the blockages is crucial for a clean kitchen restaurant. 

4. Floors and Ceiling

You have removed the blockages and dirty grease, but what about the floors, walls and ceiling? Commercial kitchen cleaning includes thoroughly brushing the walls and floors so you can work in a hygienic environment. A soft brush or disinfecting spray is recommended to mop the floors and scrub the walls. 

Methods Used for Commercial Kitchen Cleaning

Now you’ve acknowledged which areas or unobserved parts of your kitchen need sanitization, it’s time to apply the restaurant cleaning procedures. The methods enlisted below are highly effective and specific for different compartments so that you can use them per your cleaning needs. Whether you’re doing restaurant facility cleaning or commercial kitchen cleaning, the following strategies will help you throughout: 

1- Steam Cleaning

For decades, kitchen steam cleaning has proved extremely effective and powerful in killing bacteria and other microorganisms. By using high temperature and low-steam moisture, it helps to grime off grease, oil spots, and food leftovers. 

Hence, it makes commercial kitchen cleaning easy by killing unseen bacteria, germs, and residual traces of dirt. 

The best thing about restaurant steam cleaning is it does not use any chemicals or disinfectants in its cleaning process. You can easily filter out dirty spaces with a one-step, quick steam method. 

2- High-Pressure Drain Cleaning

Kitchen steam cleaning can remove the harmful bacterial content and grease, but how to get off the stinky sink and clogged drains? For this, an advanced technique, high-pressure drain cleaning, is performed. 

Unlike traditional methods of commercial kitchen cleaning, high-pressure drain cleaning involves using a flexible hose connected with an adjustable nozzle at the end. Due to this reason, it is also known as hydro-jetting. A high-pressure stream is emitted from the hose, which helps clog shattering. Here are some benefits of using a high-pressure deep cleaning process:

  • It removes blockages in your kitchen sink by washing down the causative agents such as grease, tree roots, or other waste. 
  • It works fast and solves all your drainage problems without the fear of any blockages in the future. 
  • Unlike other commercial kitchen cleaning methods, it is cost-effective and economical. 
  • It does not require any heavy machinery or drilling machines to remove clogs. 
  • It does not use toxic chemical agents or products; thus, it is an environmentally-safe deep cleaning process.
  • It removes unpleasant smells and also kills waterborne germs or foul-smelling-producing bacterial agents.

3- Natural Cleaning Products

Commercial kitchen cleaning only sometimes involves specific deep clean strategies or specialized tools. Fortunately, you can achieve it using simple and money-saving natural cleaning products. Below is a list of the best natural products which you can use for restaurant facility cleaning or kitchen rinsing. 

  1. The strong mixture of white vinegar and water gives perfect results and kills all the microbes on any surface. The best thing about vinegar is it comes in its strongest undiluted form and is less toxic than other natural cleaning products. 
  2. Besides vinegar, essential oils with antibacterial properties also act as the best DIY cleaning agents. These oils help produce a pleasant smell in your restaurant and kitchen appliances. 
  3. Whether you need to wipe away hard scars from your kitchen items or rinse off greasy spots, chlorine bleach is the perfect natural cleaner. It’s simple and easy to use, but handle it carefully as its high concentration can lead to serious health threats.

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