Are you in the process of renovating your home and don’t know how to clean up construction debris? Wondering what post-construction cleaning services can do for you?

If you are in the middle of renovating your home or are almost finished with the construction project, post-construction cleaning services will get your home back in order, so you don’t have to do all the dirty work. Instead of spending hours cleaning up after a big project, a professional cleaning crew specializing in construction cleaning can be a great help.

What is post-construction cleaning?

Post-construction cleaning is the process of restoring your home to its pre-construction condition. It may be difficult for you to do a post-construction cleanup since it is likely that your home is full of dust and debris.

Removing construction debris will also require special post-construction cleaning supplies and equipment that are safe for the materials in your home, which you may not have readily available at this time. This is where post-construction cleaning services come in handy.

What can post-construction cleaning services offer?

If your renovation or construction project is nearing completion, you may want to hire the services of cleaning crews that specialize in post-construction clean-up. Here are some of the benefits of hiring one:

Removes post-construction debris thoroughly

Post-construction cleaning services remove post-renovation and post-construction mess by disposing plaster, wood shavings, and other building materials. This is also called rough cleaning. Cleaning crews do a rough interior cleanup by removing any trash that piles up during the renovation process, such as used boxes, broken light fixtures, and other post-construction waste materials.

Equipped with post-construction cleaning supplies and equipment

Post-construction clean-up crews have all the post-construction tools needed to remove any debris in your construction projects. They also use special cleaners that are safe for materials found in homes, such as insulation, drywall, ceiling tiles, aluminum gutters, and ceramic tiles.

Removes post-construction mold and mildew

Post-construction cleaning services can also remove post-renovation messes such as the dirt, grime, and other elements that cause post-construction mold. When left untreated, post-construction mold may cause health problems to you or your family members. Post-construction mold needs to be eliminated as quickly as possible.

Helps you save time and money

Hiring a construction cleaning service will save you time and money. No matter how hard you try, you can’t do a post-renovation cleanup during the construction process on your own. You may also risk injuring yourself or getting dirty by cleaning up on your own. This is why post-construction cleaning services are the best choice for you.

What is the process of a post-construction cleanup?

There are three phases when it comes to post-construction cleaning:

Rough Cleaning

The first post-construction cleaning process is rough cleaning, where professional clean-up crews remove all post-renovation or post-construction messes. This includes removing debris that was left during the renovation process. Post-construction waste removal should be a priority at this stage to avoid further damage and health problems caused by post-construction mold and post-construction dust.

Light Cleaning

Light cleaning is the post-construction cleaning process where workers remove post-renovation dust and debris stuck on surfaces. These include fingerprints, dirt marks, post-renovation stains, post-renovation chemicals left behind after using disinfectants or other cleaning agents during construction projects.

Exterior Construction Cleanup

This post-construction cleaning process is also called the final cleaning of the exterior construction site. It consists of removing post-renovation waste materials from the external premises such as post-home renovation debris, dust, dirt marks on walkways and driveways, and more.

What other services are included in a post-construction cleanup?

A post-construction cleaning service may include the following cleaning services:

Window Cleaning

Post-construction window cleaning services are necessary when you have windows that need to be cleaned after renovation projects, such as painting, staining, and wallpapering.

Drapery Cleaning

You may also need post-construction drapery cleaning services because curtains and drapes collect a lot of dust during the renovation process. Curtains also trap dirt, grime, mold spores, and other post-renovation messes. If you want to ensure that your draperies are clean post-construction, drapery cleaning services are best for you.

Debris Removal

Post-construction debris removal services can be helpful when a construction site has a lot of junk and mess left behind after the renovation project. Removing post-construction debris will also help you save money by preventing any accidents that may happen in your home due to post-renovation messes.

Deep Cleaning

You can also request a deep clean of your new home or construction project. Deep cleaning can efficiently remove post-construction dust, dirt, grime, and other post-renovation mess by using special cleaning equipment that is best for your home.

How much is the cost of hiring construction cleaning crews?

The cost of post-construction cleaning services may vary depending on the size and location of your home, as well as other factors. It is best to contact a post-renovation cleaning company for more details about their post-construction cleanup service rates.

What to look for when hiring post-construction cleanup services?

If you need post-construction cleaning services, you need to ensure that the cleaning company offers quality service. Here are some of the qualities post-construction cleaners should have:

Trained, Knowledgeable Employees

Your post-construction cleaning service should have professionally trained cleaners who are knowledgeable about post-construction cleanup services. These cleaners should be  able to efficiently remove post-construction grime and post-renovation messes using the best cleaning equipment.

Affordable Pricing Plans

Post-renovation cleanup may be expensive, but you want to ensure post-construction cleaning service rates are fair and affordable. You can get quotes from your post-renovation cleaners to compare their prices.

Licensed, Insured & Bonded Employees

Your post-renovation cleaner should have all the necessary licenses, insurance coverage, bonding requirements, if any, for safety purposes. The company should also provide you with post-renovation cleaners’ credentials.

5 Star References and Reviews

You can also ask post-renovation cleaners for customer referrals so you can check out their previous clients. It is essential to know more about post-construction cleaning services by reading reviews from satisfied customers as well. If possible, contact the references given to you by post-renovation companies because they have first-hand experience with post-construction cleanup services.


Post-construction cleaners should also offer cleanup services that suit your schedule. They should be able to set up post-construction appointments on weekends or after hours if needed.

Quick Cleaning Time

Cleaners should have efficient post-construction cleanup services that will not take much time to complete the task at hand. You can ask for post-construction crew availability so you know how much time they need to fully clean your home before offering quotes from post-renovation companies.

Availability of post-construction cleaning tools and products

Post-construction cleaners should have cleaning products and tools needed to clean your post-construction site. You can inquire about post-renovation cleanup equipment by contacting the company’s customer service representatives directly via phone, email, social media, or their post-renovation website.


Lastly, post-renovation cleaners should be located near you, so it’s easy to contact them. If possible, cleaning companies close to your home will provide faster post-construction cleanup services, resulting in a quick turnaround time.

Final Thoughts

If you are in the middle of a big project that has left your home looking like it’s been hit by a hurricane, construction cleaning services can get everything back to normal without having to do all the dirty work.

A professional crew will come into your property and make sure every surface is cleaned up before they leave. And because these professionals know how vital this type of clean-up job is after any significant renovation or building project, they’ll take their time getting your place spick-and-span, so you don’t have to deal with dirt for weeks on end.

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