Property managers often have a lot on their plate, from overseeing lease agreements to dealing with tenants and responding to maintenance queries. If one thing gets pushed to the back burner, it’s apartment cleaning of the common areas. However, dirty and unkept stairways, laundry rooms, and lobbies not only decrease the visual appeal of your apartment but also repel potential tenants. 

This is where apartment cleaning services come in, helping property managers outsource the dusting and mopping to a certified company. By keeping your multi-family unit sparkling clean year-round, apartment cleaners help improve the property value while decreasing tenant turnover. But before you search “apartment cleaning services near me”, you need to know what to look for. So, read on for a list of the top 7 factors to consider before hiring apartment cleaners! 

1. Apartment Building Cleaning Experience & Expertise

When it comes to apartment cleaning services, often the first thing that matters is how many years they have been in business. A company that has been maintaining multi-family homes for a decade will likely have a lot more experience and expertise than one that opened a year ago. To confirm a company’s experience, review its website for the history and founding year. 

In addition, it’s essential to double-check what a company specializes in. Do they have specific experience with multi-family homes rather than just residential cleaning? This is because a company with apartment cleaning experience shows that it is adept at maintaining common areas, like stairways, lobbies, and laundry rooms. 

Tip: If you’re in doubt about a company’s specific experience, request a list of past and present clients who manage multi-family properties. Then, contact them for testimonials. 

2. Excellent Communication Skills

The first meeting or call with a cleaning service provider can tell you a lot about their communication style. During the conversation, notice how well they listen to your requirements and how they respond to your queries. Before you discuss price quotes, use the first phone call to get a feel of their communication skills. 

Prepare a list of potential questions, including:

  1. How do you handle client queries and complaints? 
  2. Do you have an emergency cleaning service for accidents?
  3. Is your cleaning service for apartments pet-friendly? 
  4. How do you determine your quotes (flat-fee, hour-based)?
  5. Which cleaning supplies do you use, and who is the provider?

Focus on not only their answers but also the way they respond to your queries. Do they have a welcoming and warm tone? Will you be able to trust them with the cleaning aspect of your multi-family complex? The answers to these questions are crucial in shortlisting the best apartment cleaning services for your unit. 

3. Online Presence

Given that we live in the digital age, cleaning services must build a powerful online presence to gain the confidence and trust of potential clients. Often, the more powerful a company’s website is, the better customer service it has. 

So, before you book apartment cleaning services, check out their business website. Is it well-maintained and user-friendly? Are they posting valuable blogs and articles to engage with their audience? Are they aware of market trends and updates? All of these signs indicate that the company you’re dealing with values transparency, and is committed to providing the best experience to its customers. 

4. Fully Bonded & Insured

If you’re a property manager looking for reliable apartment cleaning services, one thing to watch out for is whether they are fully bonded and insured. Being bonded means that a company can be held liable for repayment if any losses occur during the cleaning session. For example, if a cleaner steals or breaks a $150 light above the staircase, the bond can compensate the property manager for the damages. 

Similarly, having liability insurance means that the property management cleaning services are covered in case of accidents and liabilities. So, if a cleaner damages the property accidentally or hurts a third party on the unit, the insurance covers these costs. This way, a bonded and insured company protects the property manager from losses and financial liabilities. 

5. Employee Vetting and Background Checks

Outsourcing the dusting and mopping to apartment cleaners means that you’re trusting them with your multi-family unit. The cleaning staff will have access to common areas where the resident’s belongings and privacy are at stake. Therefore, it is essential to choose a provider that runs background checks before hiring employees to ensure a clean and reliable record. 

In addition, it’s always better if the company has a policy to hire trained and qualified employees. This way, you’ll have peace of mind that even the new staff members know their job well, reducing the chances of unprofessional cleanups and complaints. Plus, check if their employees go through regular training to uphold the latest cleaning protocols in their job. 

6. Services Offered

Choosing the best apartment cleaning services requires more than just the most budget-friendly provider; you need to carefully examine the services offered. Generally, apartment cleaners have a base package for regular sessions, along with deep cleaning services for when you want a little extra spark (and that squeaky clean look). 

That said, a base apartment building cleaning package usually includes:

  • Cleaning the glass surfaces on doors and mirrors
  • Sweeping and mopping surface floors in entryways
  • Emptying and sanitizing the trash bins in common areas
  • Dusting and vacuuming the carpets in hallways and lobbies
  • Wiping and disinfecting high-traffic areas (door knobs, elevator buttons)

Besides, apartment cleaning services also offer a deep cleaning package that is scheduled once in a while. It deals with services like floor stripping, steam cleaning for carpets, and bathroom pressure cleaning, to name a few. Apart from this, if you have special needs like post-event cleanups or emergency runs, look for a provider that caters to these too. 


When it comes to multi-family homes, maintaining the cleanliness of your unit is the secret recipe to upholding tenant satisfaction and property appeal. If the common areas of your apartment complex are clean and well-maintained, it gives a positive impression to prospects and existing tenants, thereby improving their living experience. 

Want to keep your apartment squeaky clean without dealing with no-shows and unprofessional cleanups? Contact Mill City Cleaning today! With over 25 years of experience and positive reviews by its side, this Minneapolis cleaning service cares about your property value as much as you do. we have a well-trained, responsive team that is committed to upholding the highest cleaning, making a shining difference in how your apartment looks and feels. 

So, whether you’re looking for construction cleaning or commercial cleaning services, Mill City is here to ensure that your property is always clean, inviting, and ready to impress! 

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