We’re your medical facility cleaning experts

Mill City provides expert medical cleaning services for all types of healthcare facilities. A professional clean is essential for any business operating in the medical industry. Your patients expect and deserve a clean, healthy experience every time they visit.

We can tailor our regular retail cleaning service to fit the needs of your medical facility. We deep clean everything from the waiting rooms, examination rooms, and restrooms. Our cleaning crew handles all sizes of businesses from small clinics to large health care centers.

Give us a call, our team would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for our one-time or routine retail cleaning service. You’ll be amazed by how a thoroughly cleaned facility impacts your business.

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Types of Health Care Facilities we clean:

We clean and maintain a variety of medical facilities, no matter the size. Our team of expert cleaners can work around your operating hours and give your patients and staff peace of mind that your facility has thoroughly disinfected. .

° Chiropractors
° Emergency Rooms
° Nursing Homes
° Dentist Office

° Rehab Center
° Hospitals
° Clinics
° Dentist Offices

° Hospice Facilities
° Dialysis Facilities
° Radiology Centers
° Birth Centers

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Benefits of Hiring Professional Medical Cleaning Experts

Medical offices require strict attention to their facility’s cleanliness. Medical facility cleaning is a tough job, our professional cleaning team provides routine deep cleaning and hospital-grade sanitation.

Our team can work around your business hours, we are available 24-7 so when you open your doors in the morning your staff and patients will be welcomed by a pristinely cleaned facility. Here are a few of the benefits of our  professional medical facility cleaning services:

Health and Safety

Our team is equipped with hospital-grade equipment and products to disinfect every inch of your facility. You, your staff, and your patients will have the assurance that your medical facility has been meticulously cleaned following the HIPPA and OSHA-approved protocols. Our medical cleaning experts are sure to employ strict healthcare cleaning best practices with every routine clean.

Great First and Lasting Impression

A clean, healthy, and presentable facility will help create a positive and impactful patient and visitor experience. When patients visit your facility they can rest assured that the professionalism portrayed through your clean facility translates to the expert level care they will receive.

Your facility will leave a professional sense of cleanliness from your entrance and waiting area to your examination rooms,

Expertise and Equipment

Our professionals have expert knowledge in cleaning all areas of your medical facility. Our team has industry-leading equipment and products to keep your building looking its best and sanitized to hospital-grade standards.

Long-Term Cost Savings

We are experts in maintaining and preserving your facility, from the floors in your waiting room to the tile and grout in your restrooms. Regular professional deep cleaning can save you a lot of money in the long run.

Areas We Clean:

Our expert retail store cleaning service can tackle all areas of your medical facility. Here are some areas we commonly clean:

° Offices
° Waiting Rooms
° Hallways
° Entrances

° Floors
° Entrance
° Reception Areas
° Entrances

° Examination Rooms
° Windows
° Bathrooms
° Surgical Rooms

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Specialty Cleaning Services

Window Washing
Electrostatic Disinfection
Carpet Cleaning
Pressure Washing
Floor Polishing
VCT Strip & Wax