It’s no secret that maintaining a clean home is among the top priorities for many people. However, it can be challenging to manage this task due to many reasons such as work, family commitments, and many more.

Luckily, there are various solutions to this problem, and one of them is hiring house cleaning services. Hiring a professional cleaner is one way to keep your home neat and tidy without having to find time in your busy schedule. Hiring an experienced company will help you get back all of those hours you spend cleaning every week!

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how to hire a house cleaner who will leave your home spotless!

What is included in a basic house cleaning service?

When you hire a house cleaning company, it’s essential to be clear about your expectations. Hiring an experienced professional will ensure that your home is thoroughly cleaned when they leave and all debris and clutter are removed from sight.

Most house cleaners include the following services:

– Dusting and wiping down surfaces such as tables, counters, appliances, and more. This consists of the inside of cabinets too!

– Washing dishes (if requested)

– Vacuuming and mopping floors

– Cleaning bathrooms from top to bottom, including toilets, showers, tiles, etc., plus all mirrors will be cleaned thoroughly as well as any other glass surfaces in your home. Kitchen sinks are also included in this process.

Most of them also come in with cleaning supplies and tools like a vacuum cleaner and a mop!

The number of rooms you want them to clean at once may vary from company to company, but usually, basic cleaning service includes up to four rooms. Hiring a cleaner who provides this basic level of housekeeping is typically the least expensive option too.

How much does it cost to hire someone to make your house clean?

House cleaning services have a wide range of prices – depending on the company you hire and how much work is involved. Hiring someone to clean one room at a time will have a lower cost than hiring an entire team, including maids, cleaners, and those who specialize in various areas such as windows or carpets.

In general, basic home cleaning services cost $100 – $150 for a four-room house. Hiring someone to clean your entire property will depend on the size and how dirty it is, but most companies charge between $120 – 200 per hour with a minimum of three hours required.

If you have an especially large or messy home that has been neglected for months, hiring a professional company might take a lot longer, and it will cost more.

Different Services of House Cleaning Companies

When you hire a house cleaning service, there are different types of services they offer, such as:

One-time cleanings

Hiring someone to come and make your home spotless for one day is among the most popular choices. Some companies only provide one-time cleaning, while others may include it in their standard package or charge more for it.

Move-in/out cleaning

This type of service is perfect for people moving into a new home or getting ready to move out. Hiring professional cleaners will ensure that your property looks its best throughout this process, and it minimizes the chances of you finding any problems after you complete the relocation! Hiring a housekeeping company at the last minute is not recommended, though. At least one week of preparation time should be scheduled by the company to get ready for your move-in/out cleaning process.

Deep cleaning

This option includes more than just the regular house cleaning service – it also involves detailed cleaning of every room in your home. Hiring a company specializing in deep cleans is best for homes that have not been cleaned thoroughly or where there are tough stains to remove. The price depends on how many rooms you want them to clean at once and what services are included in the deep cleaning service.

Carpet/upholstery cleaning

Most professional cleaners can also help you with removing tough stains from your carpets and upholstered furniture. Hiring someone who specializes in this area is not very expensive, but it will usually cost more compared to other types of housekeeping work.

Specialty cleaning

Many companies offer specialty services such as window washing, gutter cleaning, or electrostatic disinfection. Hiring a professional company specializing in this area is generally more expensive than hiring someone who provides basic home cleanings.

What should I look for when hiring a House Cleaning Company?

Now that you know what’s included in a standard house cleaning service, it’s time for you to determine which professional would be best suited for your needs and budget, as well as your home size.

While there are other companies out there offering more services than those mentioned above or ones with lower prices due to smaller teams, we recommend going with established professionals who have been around long enough, so they are aware of the latest cleaning trends and innovations.

Here are 10 things to look out for for in-home cleaning services:

Experience and knowledge

Hiring an experienced professional or an established cleaning company is always beneficial since they know the latest methods, tools, and products used in their industry.

In addition, hiring a maid service or house cleaner who is eager to learn about your personal requirements and the best methods and products for your home will ensure that they leave your living space spotless. Make sure to also do a background check on the company and their employees to ensure they have a clean record for reference.

Availability of cleaning products

A good house cleaner should provide all the necessary equipment needed to do the job well. Hiring a professional who brings their own cleaning supplies will not only save you money, but it ensures that your home is cleaned with safe, eco-friendly products. Remember, hiring a maid service or a house cleaning company that provides their own equipment such as vacuum cleaners and other tools is one of the best ways to ensure your home will be spotless after they leave!

Expertise in customer service skills

A cleaning company with excellent communication skills will ensure that you’ll be happy with the results! You can usually tell if somebody has great people skills by asking them about their previous customers’ feedback or online reviews. Professionalism goes hand in hand in providing an efficient residential cleaning service, so make sure whoever you choose meets this requirement too!

Flexibility on schedule and time of service

Look for house cleaners who are flexible with their schedule and can provide you with various time slots for their cleaning services that will make your life easier. Hiring a house cleaning company that offers 24/h service or has no minimum hour requirement may be the best option if you’re looking to hire somebody at an hourly rate.

Affordable and flexible payment options

Cleaning companies often offer a variety of payment options: cash, cheques, credit cards. Looking for a company that provides any one of these will make your life easier because you’ll never have to worry about scheduling payments for their services! Make sure the cleaning company you choose has affordable rates and flexible payment options so you can be confident in hiring them for the job.

Availability of add-ons such as deep cleaning, laundry, and ironing services

Housekeeping services that offer add-on services such as onsite laundry, deep cleaning, and ironing services are another sign of a quality house cleaning business.

Insured services

Hiring professional house cleaners with insurance coverage will protect both them and yourself in case something goes wrong during the cleaning process. Cleaning services that offer insured services are one of the best ways to ensure your home will be safe and clean before their arrival and after if anything should happen!

Customer feedback and online reviews

Having the best house cleaners is a huge plus, but it’s not enough to ensure they’ll leave your home spotless. Somebody who has received good customer testimonials or has a lot of positive online feedbacks will increase their chance of providing you with effective cleaning service! You can easily find stellar reviews from a more extensive cleaning company than a one-man operation, so hiring someone backed by an established and larger cleaning company is your best bet when it comes to achieving an efficient residential cleaning service!

Look for license and affiliations

Legitimate maid services often have official licensing and affiliations to prove they’re qualified for the job. Looking for a house cleaner with a license is an excellent way of ensuring that you’ll be hiring somebody who knows what they are doing!

Hiring reputable house cleaners should never be a gamble, which makes finding essential documents such as licenses one of the best ways to ensure your entire house is left spotless.


Finally, hiring somebody who is punctual when it comes to their cleaning schedule will leave you with enough time for your day-to-day activities.

Hiring house cleaners that are always on time or early for work appointments is an easy way of ensuring they’ll stick around long enough so you can enjoy the results!

Is hiring a house cleaner worth it?

Yes. Hiring a maid service company or house cleaning services is worth it because you not only get your home sparkling clean but also free up time for yourself and your family.

These companies do a phenomenal job in making your home clean and will always be one of the most efficient ways to manage household chores making them an excellent solution if you want to enjoy more time doing things that really matter!


To sum up, hiring a house cleaning company is an excellent way to enjoy more free time and get your home spotless!

Hiring somebody that has previous experience in residential cleaning or a company that offers affordable rates with flexible payment options will make your life easier – so don’t forget to consider these important factors when choosing the best cleaning services for hire.

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