Running a business takes a lot of work. From keeping track of inventory to managing employees, there are a million things to think about daily.

One thing you might not have thought about, however, is the environmental impact of your business.

You may not realize it, but how you clean your office or store can significantly impact the environment. If you’re not careful, the chemicals you use for cleaning can pollute the air and water.

This blog post will look into green cleaning services and how they can help you keep your business environmentally friendly.

What are Green Commercial Cleaning Services?

Also called eco-friendly cleaning services, a green commercial cleaning service involves using cleaning products and methods that are less harmful to the environment.

This might mean using cleaners that are made from natural ingredients, avoiding harsh chemicals, or using microfiber cloths instead of paper towels.

Green janitorial services often focus on conserving water and energy as well. For example, they might use HEPA vacuums that use less power than traditional vacuums.

Additionally, green cleaning services often use green seal-certified products. Green seal is a nonprofit organization that rates products and services based on their environmental impact.

Benefits of Choosing a Green Cleaning Company

There are thousands of commercial cleaning companies, so why should you choose a green one?

The truth is, there are a lot of benefits to choosing eco-friendly commercial cleaning services. Here are just a few:

Keeps Customers and Employees Safe

Harmful chemicals from cleaning products can cause a lot of health problems, including respiratory issues and skin irritation.

Most commercial cleaning products in the market also contain volatile organic compounds, a  type of air pollutant. These can cause headaches, dizziness, and even cancer.

If you’re using green cleaning products, however, you won’t have to worry about these harmful chemicals. This is good for both your employees and customers.

Your employees will be able to work in a safer environment, and your clients will feel comfortable knowing that they’re not being exposed to harmful chemicals.

It’s a win-win situation!

Reduces Your Carbon Footprint

As mentioned before, green cleaning companies often focus on conserving water and energy through eco-friendly cleaning practices.

By using less water and energy, you can help reduce your carbon footprint.  This is good for the environment and can help you save money on utility bills.

Plus, customers are becoming more and more interested in green businesses. They’re willing to pay more for products and services that are environmentally friendly.

So, not only will green cleaning help the environment, but it can also help your business grow.

Helps You Save Money in the Long Run

Disinfection services are essential to prevent the spread of illness in your workplace. However, some disinfectants can be pretty expensive.

Green cleaning companies often use cheaper alternatives that are just as effective at preventing the spread of disease.

For example, they might use vinegar or lemon juice instead of more expensive chemicals.

Final Thoughts

From using sustainable products to reducing your carbon footprint, there are a lot of benefits to using green commercial cleaning services.

It’s essential to research and find a reputable green cleaning company that you can trust. Once you find one, you’ll rest easy knowing that your business is doing its part to help the environment.

Mill City Cleaning is a green commercial cleaning company based in Minneapolis, MN. We offer eco-friendly office cleaning services that are safe for your employees and the environment.

If you’re interested in greening your business, contact us today for a free quote!

Your green clean commercial business will be remembered and respected!

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