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Mill City Cleaning invests in the most effective cleaning tools and products in the business. Here are a few of the cleaning services we offer for hard surfaces or carpet: pressure cleaning, scrubbing, burnishing, stripping, waxing, tile and grout cleaning, and deep carpet cleaning.

Stripping and Waxing VCT (Vinyl Tile)/ Concrete Polishing

We buff, scrub, strip and wax over 100,000 SqFt of flooring every week. We can restore old floors, protect new floors and maintain floors to a beautiful luster. These services are provided 24 hours, night or day. We routinely have provided these services in whatever timeframe you need done.

We also provide concrete cleaning and polishing. We will remove old residues, glues, grease etc. and polish concrete. We will then add a protective seal to provide beautiful easy to maintain concrete floor.

Carpet cleaning/Tile and Grout

Mill City Cleaning uses the most advanced truck-mounted carpet cleaning system and equipment to care for your hard tile/grout and carpeting. Our disinfecting process kills germs and dust mites, eliminates odor, and removes enzymes and bacteria.

We have a variety of carpet and hard tile cleaning solutions, such as truck mount steam cleaning, portable equipment and other solutions. We pride ourselves in using all available tools to get the best results. Our staff is trained at identifying and removing tough spots, traffic lane residues and other carpet and tile issues.

When properly maintained, clean carpet can improve indoor air quality. The carpet acts as a filter holding soil, debris and other contaminants and preventing them from becoming air born. Routine carpet cleaning removes built up contaminants and should be a regular part of building maintenance.

Pressure washing

Whether it’s a parking ramp, or sidewalk, you want your guests and customers to have a positive first impression of your business. Gum removal, traffic debris and pollution debris removal is essential to a first impression with your customers. In addition to curb appeal, regular cleaning can extend the life of your sidewalks and other traffic areas.

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