It’s no secret that commercial cleaning services are a must for any busy business. You can’t expect your employees to maintain an orderly and tidy shop or office, especially when they’re already running around doing their regular work tasks. They may be able to do it sometimes, but not all the time.

If you want your commercial building to always look its best, commercial cleaning services are what you need!

What are commercial cleaning services?

A commercial cleaning service is a cleaning service specifically for businesses, shops, and offices. Commercial cleaners can clean everything from the floors and carpets to the windows and ceilings of an office or commercial building.

They also offer additional services to businesses, such as upholstery cleaning and disinfection of specific equipment and tools used in commercial spaces.

What is the difference between commercial cleaning and residential cleaning service?

The main difference between commercial and residential cleaning services is the space size that needs to be cleaned.

Residential cleaners typically only clean houses or apartments, while commercial cleaners clean larger spaces like shops, offices, and other commercial buildings.

A commercial cleaning company typically has a team of cleaners specializing in cleaning commercial spaces. They also have the equipment and supplies to do the job correctly.

Meanwhile, residential cleaning service specializes in cleaning tasks specifically intended for homes, such as dusting and polishing furniture, scrubbing kitchen surfaces clean, or cleaning carpets.

What is included in commercial cleaning services?

Commercial cleaning companies usually cleaning services that include the following:

But commercial cleaners are not limited to these tasks. They can also provide commercial deep cleaning services, a more intense and thorough cleaning service that is perfect for businesses that have not been cleaned in a while.

What are the different types of commercial cleaning?

There are various types of commercial cleaning services, which are typically customized to meet specific needs. The most common types of commercial cleaning are as follows:

General commercial cleaning

This is an essential and all-encompassing commercial cleaning that is perfect for businesses who want a quick cleanse done on their space. It includes office cleaning tasks such as vacuuming, dusting, general tidying up.

General commercial cleaning is similar to janitorial cleaning services wherein a team of cleaners is assigned to clean a specific area in a commercial building.

Deep commercial cleaning

This commercial cleaning service is for businesses that need a more intense and thorough cleanse. It includes scrubbing surfaces, removing stains, and deep-cleaning carpets and upholstery.

The commercial deep cleaning team will also be assigned to clean specific areas of the commercial building to remove all the dirt, dust, and grime that has built up over time.

Construction cleaning

This type of commercial cleaning service is perfect for businesses that are undergoing construction or renovation. The commercial cleaners will help eliminate all the debris and mess created during the construction process. They will also clean the tools and equipment used in the construction process to ensure that the work area is safe and clean.

Event cleaning

This type of commercial cleaning service is typically hired by businesses hosting an event. A commercial cleaner will take care of all the cleaning before and after the event to have a pleasant experience. They will also clean up any mess that is created during the event.

Industrial cleaning

This type of commercial cleaning service is for industrial equipment and machinery businesses. The commercial cleaners will clean and disinfect the machines to ensure that they are safe to use. They will also clean the work area around the machines and devices to keep them tidy and organized.

Advantages of hiring commercial cleaners

Hiring commercial cleaning companies has a lot of advantages to your business. Here are some of the top benefits:

Saves you time and money

One of the most significant advantages of hiring a commercial cleaning company is saving you time and money. You will not have to spend time cleaning the office or shop yourself, which can be a very time-consuming task. And you will not have to purchase any equipment or supplies for cleaning, as the commercial cleaners will provide everything needed.

Commercial cleaning companies can provide commercial deep cleaning services, a more intense and thorough cleanse that will remove all the dirt and grime of your commercial space. This ensures that you have an even cleaner workspace to work in!

Improved Customer satisfaction

Hiring commercial cleaners has also been proven to increase customer satisfaction. Customers are more satisfied with the thoroughly cleaned retail spaces, as it makes them feel safe and comfortable to be there.

Increases productivity

There is also a direct correlation between commercial cleaning services and increased workplace productivity. A commercial cleaner will help keep your office or shop clean at all times, so you won’t have to worry about dirty surfaces or equipment affecting your productivity. This way, you can focus on getting work done!

Increase commercial space value

By hiring commercial cleaners, not only will the commercial space be cleaner and more presentable to customers, but it also increases its marketability as a commercial property for sale or rent. Cleaning up a commercial building is usually one of the first things commercial real estate agents do when selling commercial property, as it makes the retail space look much more desirable.

How much does it cost to hire services from a commercial cleaning company?

There are a lot of competitive rates in the cleaning industry, so you should be able to find commercial cleaners that charge around $20-$30 per hour. This will depend on the amount of commercial space you have and how much cleaning needs to be done.

Final Thoughts

Commercial cleaning services can be a great addition to any commercial building that needs tidying up! From industrial machines and equipment to commercial spaces undergoing construction or renovation, commercial cleaners provide many valuable services for businesses of all types.

If you are interested in learning more about commercial cleaning services, feel free to contact Mill City Cleaning. We provide a wide range of commercial cleaning services at competitive rates!

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