You’re walking down the street, and you spot a house. The lawn is well-manicured, the paint on the house looks fresh, and flowers are blooming in front of it. You can’t help but notice how beautiful this home looks. What do you think about it?

If your answer is “I want to buy that!” then congratulations; you just discovered curb appeal!

What is curb appeal?

Simply put, curb appeal is the first impression of a home that potential buyers get when they walk or drive by. What’s more, curb appeal is one of the most important things you can do to influence someone to buy your house.

If you want to sell your home promptly, you must have good curb appeal. Since potential homebuyers will base their decisions on what they see from the street when they drive up, there need to be some things in place for them before entering the house. In other words, if someone’s first impression of your home is terrible, it can be difficult to get them interested in buying the house.

Improving your curb appeal takes some work and planning, but it will be worth it in the end when you’re able to sell your home. Plus, there are relatively easy ways to boost curb appeal without breaking the bank.

Why is a home’s curb appeal important?

Curb appeal is essential because it can make or break a sale. If someone gets out of their car and sees your house, they’re going to ask themselves: “Is this the type of home I want?”

This first impression will be based on what buyers see from outside before even walking through (or entering) the front door. The look of the lawn, landscaping, exterior paint color, and even what kind of furniture is set out on the front porch are all factors that influence how people feel about your home.

It is also important to note that people are more likely to purchase a home if it looks appealing. If you have good curb appeal, then there’s not much of an argument against buying your house and moving in right away.

Improve Curb Appeal With These 20 Easy Ideas

If you are looking for simple ways to improve your home’s curb appeal, then here are 20 curb appeal ideas that you can take to get started.

Change or modify your front door

If you have an old, dated front door that needs a facelift, then it might be time to think about changing your door. There are many different styles of doors on the market today, and most people will agree that a new front door can make quite a difference when looking at homes for sale. However, always remember to look for a front door that matches well with your home’s exterior look. You wouldn’t want to install a modern, sleek door with a red brick wall on a home.

Improve landscaping and add greenery

If your home’s landscaping is looking a little rough, or you just want to add some more color and beauty around the house, then try planting flowers in any open spaces that you might have on either side of your front door. If there are spots for planters by the main entrance, adding them will also improve your home’s curb appeal.

You may also want to start pulling weeds that you might see on your garden or lawn. Weeds can be unsightly and can make your house look unkempt.

If you have a garden, consider adding some color to it by growing flowers or plants there. Garden beds and planters can also add a lot of character and beauty to your home’s exterior look. The more green space you can create around the house, the better it will be for curb appeal purposes.

Remove clutter from outside of the house

Clutter can make an exterior look messy and unorganized. Therefore, if you want to improve your home’s curb appeal, then you must remove any clutter outside of the house before potential buyers start looking at homes for sale in the area.

If there are tools that you don’t use in your garage, put them away. If furniture or other items are lying around on the front lawn, haul it inside the house.

In addition to clutter outside, make sure to also clear out any cobwebs from all windows and doorways so your home has a welcoming environment.

Enhance lighting outside of the home

If you want to make your home’s exterior look brighter and more inviting, then consider adding some additional outdoor lights around your house. Most people don’t realize that this simple modification can go a long way when showing off their property to potential buyers.

In addition to lighting the exterior of your home, you might also want to consider adding some landscape light fixtures around trees and bushes in order to add a little more light at night. A porch light is also a great way to make your home look well-lit at night and improve the exterior’s appearance.

Consider adding window boxes

Window boxes are a simple and affordable way to make your home’s exterior look prettier. If you have windows on the front of your house or the front porch, then putting window boxes with flowers or plants hanging from them will not only improve curb appeal but can also help bring more appeal, color, and life to the outside of your home as well.

Modify your garage doors

Add curb appeal to your home by upgrading your garage doors. If your garage doors are looking a little rough and dated, then this is a straightforward modification that can have a significant impact on the way potential buyers look at homes for sale in your area.

A fresh coat of paint or new door panels will do wonders when it comes to improving curb appeal. In addition to making the exterior of the home look more appealing, upgraded garage doors can also increase your home’s curb appeal.

Try power wash

Another simple modification you can do is through power washing, sanding, and then applying a fresh coat of stain to your front porch or back patio. If the wood looks old, faded, or dirty, then adding some TLC will go a long way in helping to show off your home.

If you don’t have tools such as a power washer and pressure washer, many hardware stores will offer this service for a small fee.

Review your door hardware

This is often overlooked by many homeowners, but changing or upgrading your door hardware can do wonders for improving your home’s curb appeal. Door hardware can be changed out easily and quickly, even if you are not handy or don’t have tools at your disposal.

If the exterior of your house is painted in neutral colors, then adding door hardware that has some color to it will make a big difference overall when looking at homes for sale in your area.

Paint your house

Sometimes, all we need is to add a fresh coat of paint to the outside of our home in order to make it look like a brand new house. If you can’t afford or don’t have time for other modifications that will improve your home’s curb appeal, then painting the exterior is one simple and easy way that anyone can do at their convenience and pace. It’ll give a fresh look to your home and help it stand out from the rest of the houses in your area.

Add outdoor furniture

If you have an outdoor patio or deck, then adding different types of chairs in your backyard can help to improve the overall appearance of your home.

A few new cushions on a chair will go a long way when it comes to improving your home’s curb appeal and showing off your house. In addition to adding furniture that has some color to it, you can also add unique furniture such as a coffee table with an umbrella and some bright pillows.

Change your house numbers

If you have a house number plaque, then updating it will also help improve your home’s curb appeal.

Many different numbers can be used for homes and businesses, so changing out your current one is easy enough if you want to give your exterior a fresh look.

In addition to getting rid of older, faded, or cracked number plates, you can also paint your house numbers or attach other decorative labels to them.

Clean your walkway path

If you have a walkway that leads up to your front door, then giving it a good sweeping and cleaning will help improve the appearance of both your home and its exterior. A clear path from the street to your front door will make a big difference when it comes to selling your home for top dollar.

Adding some stepping stones along with flowers on either side of them is another way to make small changes to add curb appeal. In addition, adding plants or vines to your home will also give it that nice touch of green, which is always a good thing.

Hang some decorative items

Putting up large wall hangings or paintings can help to improve the overall appearance of your exterior and how potential buyers look at homes for sale in your area.

A few simple changes like outdoor art are usually enough to set your home apart from the rest, especially if you have ample wall space to decorate.

Improve your mailbox

Another simple change that can be done is to replace your current mailbox with a new one. This may not seem like much, but it’s an easy way to make small changes and improvements without spending too much money or having any major work done on the inside of your home.

If you have an old, outdated mailbox that is already broken or damaged in some way, then changing it out for a new one will give your home’s exterior a fresh look that potential buyers want to see.

Clean your roof

Cleaning the roof is another easy way to improve your home’s curb appeal and make it look like a brand new house.

If you have leaves, dirt, or other debris on top of your roof, then doing a weekly thorough cleaning will give buyers an unobstructed view of their prospective homes. This may not sound important, but even simple things such as this can help to improve your home’s overall value look without any major home improvement or decorating changes.

Add shutters

Adding window shutters is also another way to make small changes that can improve your home’s exterior. For instance, adding indoor window shutters is an easy fix for rooms that may need a fresh look.

In addition, adding outdoor shutters to your home’s exterior will also give it that nice touch of character and charm without spending any extra money or time on the project.

Add a welcome mat or rug

Adding a welcome mat will give your home’s exterior an inviting look, which is always great for buyers who are touring homes.

In addition, adding a large rug to your front porch or entryway is another way to improve the overall look of your home. If you have a colorful and unique-looking carpet, it will also help buyers see how nice it can be when they come inside for a tour.

Improve your driveway

A cracked or damaged driveway or front entryway is one of the easiest ways to tell a buyer that you have issues with your home.

In most cases, simply repairing any type of damage can help to improve curb appeal and make it look new again without spending too much money on repairs. In addition, adding some decorative stones or tiles around your front door is another way to make your exterior look nicer.

Consider fresh mulch

Adding fresh mulch to your front lawn, container garden, or flower beds is another way buyers can see right away.

Freshly-cut grass, colorful flowers, and indoor/outdoor plants are always welcome additions for potential homebuyers who want to know what they’re getting into before buying a house. Doing small changes like this will give your exterior a pleasant, welcoming look without spending any money.

Clean windows

Finally, cleaning your windows is another way to make small changes that will improve the overall appearance of your home’s exterior.

If you have any cracked or dirty window panes, then replacing them can also help potential buyers see what a lovely view they’ll get when looking inside for themselves. In addition, removing old screens and putting up new ones can also help buyers see what they are getting for their money.

Final Thoughts

Whether or not you are looking to sell your home, there are many ways to improve the value of your house by making small changes. Improving your curb appeal is one way to make improvements without spending too much money or time on renovations and decorating.

Upgrading your home’s curb appeal doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. There are many small changes that you can make on your own without having to spend any money or hire a professional for help.

No matter what you decide to do, the small changes will always be appreciated by potential buyers and can help improve your home’s value. Improve your curb appeal and give your house the facelift it needs today to attract potential home buyers and increase your property value.

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