Spring has sprung, and with it comes the urge to clean everything in sight! If you’re looking for some tips on how to get your home sparkling clean, look no further. This blog post will discuss some of the best ways to spring clean your house from top to bottom. We’ll cover everything from cleaning your windows to getting rid of pet hair. So read on and get ready to tackle that spring cleaning list!

What is spring cleaning?

Spring cleaning is the process of deep cleaning your home from top to bottom. This usually includes tasks that you don’t do regularly, such as cleaning out your fridge or oven. Spring cleaning is also a great way to freshen up your home and get rid of any dirt or grime built up over the winter months.

A successful spring cleaning requires some planning and preparation. A deep clean can be a big job, and you’ll want to make sure you have everything you need before you get started.

Spring Cleaning Checklist 101

Before starting spring cleaning, it’s a good idea to create a checklist of all the tasks you need to do. This will help you stay organized and ensure you don’t forget anything. Here are some items that should be on your spring cleaning checklist:

  • Spring cleaning supplies – this includes things like rags, sponges, scrub brushes, cleaning solutions, etc.
  • Trash bags – you’ll need these for all the dirt and grime you’re throwing away!
  • A vacuum cleaner – this is a must for any spring cleaning season. A handy tip is to empty the vacuum bag or canister after each use to avoid having it get full too quickly.
  • A mop – this will come in handy for cleaning floors, especially if you have hardwood floors.
  • A ladder – this is useful for reaching high places, such as windows or ceiling fans.

Now that you have your spring cleaning checklist, it’s time to get started!

15 Best Spring Cleaning Tips You Can’t Do Without

We’ve gathered some of the best spring cleaning tips to help you get your home sparkling clean. These tips will make spring cleaning a breeze!

Start with the ceilings

One of the most important places to start when spring cleaning is the ceilings. This is because dust and cobwebs can accumulate on them over time. You can use a vacuum with an attachment to clean the ceilings or use a damp rag if you don’t have one. If you have ceiling fans, be sure to give them a good dusting.

Wash your windows

Another area that often gets neglected is windows. They can get pretty dirty, especially if you live in an urban area. You’ll want to wash them both inside and out to eliminate all the grime. You can use a window cleaner or just a vinegar mixture, baking soda, and water. Be sure to use a lint-free or microfiber cloth, or else you’ll be left with streaks.

Clean out your fridge

Your fridge is another area that can get pretty dirty, especially if you have kids. They tend to spill things and leave fingerprints everywhere! To clean your fridge, start by removing all the food and putting it in a cooler. Then, use a mild cleaning solution or vinegar and water to wipe down the shelves and your fridge’s interior shelving. Don’t forget to clean the freezer as well using warm soapy water! A good spring cleaning tip is to throw away any food that has been in the freezer for more than six months. Germs might not be able to survive in the freezer, but that doesn’t mean the food is still good to eat.

Vacuum your furniture

Your furniture can also be a breeding ground for dust, dirt, and pet hair. Vacuuming it regularly will help to keep it clean and free of allergens. Use the upholstery attachment on your vacuum to get into all the nooks and crannies. Dust mites can also be a problem, so it’s good to vacuum your furniture at least once a week.

You can also use a lint roller to remove pet hair from furniture. A pet hair remover glove can also help get rid of all the hair.

Don’t forget about blinds

Blinds are another thing that can get pretty dirty, especially if you have pets or kids. They tend to collect dust and can be a pain to clean. The best way to clean blinds is to vacuum them with an upholstery attachment or a damp rag. You can also use a microfiber cloth to dust them. You can also try to clean them in the bathtub! Just make sure you don’t get them too wet.

Wash your curtains

Your curtains can also be a magnet for dust, dirt, and pet hair. They should be washed on a regular basis to keep them clean. Depending on their fabric, you can wash them by hand or in the washing machine. Be sure to read the care label before washing them. You can also create your curtain cleaner by mixing equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle.

You can also mix baking soda and water to create a cleaning solution. Just be sure to vacuum your curtains first to remove any dust or dirt.

Clean under your bed

Many people forget to clean under their beds, but it’s one of the dirtiest places in your home. It can collect dust, pet hair, and even mold. To clean under your bed, start by removing everything from underneath it. Then, use a vacuum with an attachment to clean the area. You can also use a damp rag to wipe down any filthy areas. If you have mold, you’ll need to use a special cleaner to get rid of it.

Clean your washing machine

Your washing machine can also be a breeding ground for bacteria. Start by running an empty cycle with hot water and vinegar to clean it. You can also use a special washing machine cleaner. Be sure to read the instructions on the bottle before using it. After the cycle is finished, wipe down the inside of your machine with a damp rag. Don’t forget to clean the detergent dispenser as well!

Mineral deposits can also build up in your washing machine, so it’s a good idea to descale it regularly.

Freshen up your garbage disposal

A fresh spring air can also be a great way to freshen up your garbage disposal. Just add a few drops of lemon essential oil to the disposal, and you can instantly make your kitchen smell fresh. If you have lemon or orange peels, you can also throw them at your disposal to freshen them up.

You can also use baking soda and white distilled vinegar to clean your garbage disposal. Just add a cup of baking soda and vinegar to the disposal and let it sit for a few minutes. Then, turn on the disposal and let it run for a few seconds. Rinse with hot or warm water, and you’re done!

Polish your stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel appliances are another thing that can benefit from a spring cleaning. You can use a special stainless steel cleaner or just a damp cloth to clean them. If you have hard water stains, you can try using vinegar and water. Just mix equal parts vinegar and water in a spray bottle and apply it to the appliance. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then wipe it off with the damp cloth.

Change your shower curtain

Your shower curtain can be a breeding ground for bacteria, so it’s good to change it regularly. If you have a fabric shower curtain, you can wash it in the washing machine. You can also buy a new shower curtain and liner to replace your old one. Measure your shower before purchasing a new curtain, so you get the right size!

Use dryer sheets to clean your baseboards

Dryer sheets are great for cleaning baseboards! Just attach a dryer sheet to your vacuum cleaner and run it along the baseboard. The dryer sheet will help remove any dust or dirt on the surface. You can also use a damp rag to wipe down your baseboards. Either way, your baseboards will be clean and dust-free in no time!

Categorize your spring and summer clothes

As the weather gets warmer, you’ll probably want to switch your winter clothes for spring and summer clothes. But before you do that, it’s a good idea to go through your spring and summer clothes and categorize them. You can put them in categories like “to wear,” “to donate,” or “to sell.” This will help you declutter your closet and make room for new clothes.

Donate items you no longer need

If you have items that you no longer need, consider donating them to a local charity. This is a great way to declutter your home and help those in need. You can also sell items that you don’t need anymore. This is a great way to make extra money and get rid of things you no longer use.

You can search for donation drives in your area or find a local charity that accepts donations.

Do a deep clean of your toilet seat

Your toilet seat is another area that can benefit from a spring cleaning. To clean it, you can use a toilet brush and cleaner. Be sure to scrub under the rim of the toilet seat as well. You can also use a toothbrush to clean around the edges of the toilet seat.

Once you’re done cleaning, put on a new toilet seat cover. This will help to keep your toilet seat clean and bacteria-free.


Get rid of all that winter dust and give your home a fresh start this spring with these spring cleaning tips! Just a few simple changes can make a big difference in how your home looks and feels. So what are you waiting for? Get started today!

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