How to choose a good cleaning company

 Whether you are looking for office cleaning or home cleaning choosing a great cleaning services company is one of the most important decisions one can make.  In this posting we will provide tips on how to choose the best cleaning services company for your business. The quality of the service directly affects the attitude and health of your employees as well as your image with clients when they visit your office or facility.  Below are some guidelines and tips to make sure your cleaning service is up to par.

Determine your precise needs

Make sure that the company or companies that you are considering offer the specific services you are looking for and also have proven expertise in these areas.    A great way to help determine and to be comfortable with a company is to speak to the owner or operations director about your specific needs.  This is an easy way to get a feel for the company itself and the quality you can expect as most company heads are in their positions for a reason and pass along their ethics to the field employees.  Do not be afraid to ask for suggestions and to gather information as to the specific services that the company provides and how they go about each process so that you understand your needs better and to make sure the prospective company will be able to handle each adequately with no surprises.

Online presence & reviews

In today’s world it’s no secret that most people search the internet to find the best products and services because it is quick, easy, and customer satisfaction or dissatisfaction can usually be easily found with a bit of research.  Google, Facebook, Angie’s List, and Yelp are all great places to research for your next cleaning services company.  These sites along with other online directories can give you a good sense of which companies are worth calling to discuss pricing and services with.  Chances are if a company has a good online presence including an informative professional website and their company information listed in multiple business directories on the internet they have the resources and background to be a company worth calling.   A good rule of thumb is to type in a few different variations of what you are looking for into Google or your search engine of choice as well as Yelp, Facebook, etc. and see which companies come up.   For instance if you type in office cleaning Minneapolis or Cleaning services company Minneapolis into Google you will see a list of companies which you can than cross reference with Facebook, Yelp, etc.   It is important to note that just because a company shows at the top of the search results it does not mean that is the best company it simply means that they have a very good online presence which is based on multiple factors such as reviews, website hits, advertising, and website text.  Dedicate a reasonable amount of time to research the first 5 to 10 companies that you come across on each of these sites and it should give you a good idea of which ones are worth calling if not all of them.  Online reviews at these sites and others can also be very helpful as they can show history with customers but it is important to see how long the company has been listed on each site as this will factor into how many reviews they have.  Most importantly you should keep in mind that most consumers comment online when they are unhappy so if you don’t see a lot of reviews for a company that may not necessarily mean the companies with a lot of reviews are better.


Asking for and receiving referrals from your friends and colleagues is a no brainer when determining which cleaning services companies you should request estimates from as they will have advice on their current cleaning service and likely advice on past issues that they have encountered.  This combined with a bit of online research will provide you with an even stronger idea of which companies to spend your time inquiring with.   This might also help you stumble upon a new or smaller company with excellent service that for whatever reason does not have the resources to have created a strong online presence.


For most of us pricing is one of the most important factors when considering a new product, company, or in this case a cleaning services company.  Regular cleaning service for your office is an essential investment for the health and happiness of your employees and as well as your company image so naturally finding a happy medium between quality and pricing should play into your screening process.   If you have a certain monthly or yearly budget in mind to dedicate to your office cleaning service you can ask the companies that you are requesting information from what services they can provide within your estimated budget.  It also pays to also ask what services are not within your budget to make sure that you are not missing any essential services that could be included with a slight budget increase.  When you are doing your comparison shopping be sure to keep in mind that higher pricing does not always mean better quality and vice versa.  As with all services there will be different variables affecting the pricing so it is important to factor in your specific needs and future needs so you can avoid having to go through the process of finding and trusting a new company on a regular basis.  For instance if you are a large company you may require a medium to large cleaning services company which has the ability to handle emergency jobs or more complex specialty cleanings such as floor polishing an entire office building, etc.   You may also prefer the pricing of a smaller company but they may not have the equipment, flexibility, expertise, or credibility that a medium to larger company can provide.  Each companies needs are different so it is important to gather as much information as possible before making a decision.


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